Smoothie-A-Day Challenge: Plantiful Smoothies 101

Each year I host a Smoothie-a-Day Challenge, to introduce people to delicious, plant based smoothies. Each week I send participants a new recipe, a corresponding ingredient list for the week and some preparation and nutritional tips. All I ask is that participants commit to trying the new smoothies each day. We share our experiences on the Plantiful Plates Smoothie Challenge Facebook Page and get support and tips from those taking part in the challenge with you!   Continue reading “Smoothie-A-Day Challenge: Plantiful Smoothies 101”

Easter Treats: Plantiful Plates Cooking Class


The next class in the Plantiful Plates Kitchen will feature wholesome, plantbased treats you can enjoy this Easter.  Each recipe made in class will feature techniques and ingredients that will turn Easter sweets into nutritious treats.  I will show you how to make delicious chocolates, cheesecakes and seasonally featured power balls that will satisfy your sweet tooth, yet not include any refined, are gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free.


Location: Plantiful Plates Kitchen

Time: Sunday, March 26th 2pm-4pm

Cost: $45 

To register, email me at by Wednesday, March 22nd.

Preparing Tofu: Video Demonstration

Earlier today I posted a recipe that includes tofu.  Realizing I haven’t blogged about tofu yet and some of you may have questions about what I’m referring to in the recipe, I whipped up this quick video of me preparing tofu for dinner.  I apologize up front for all the umming and general lack of production value, I honestly just hit record and rambled, but I do cover the basics. Hope you find it helpful.

PrepARING Tofu

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Plantiful Plates Primer: Added Sugar


added sugarSugar. It is so abundant in our food, celebrations and traditions, yet it’s so not a factor in a healthy diet.  From early ages we have been warned about dangers of too much sugar for our teeth, and as parents we are warned that too much sugar will make our kids hyper.  But do you know what added sugar can do to our hormones, our waistline and our general health?

It was recently announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration  will be proposing updated Nutrition Facts labels, which will include clearer calorie counts, clarity around serving sizes and details about the amount of added sugars included in each product.   These changes don’t mean we will see the same changes to Canadian Nutrition Fact Labels, but Health Canada is expected to release updated nutrition label regulations this year. With these changes in mind, I wanted to provide a primer on why we need to be concerned about added sugar in our food and how we can make better decisions for our health with or without updated Nutrition Facts Labels.

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A Proper Introduction

Welcome again to the Plantiful Plates Blog where I hope we will grow a community that wants to improve their health, expand their cooking experience and gain an appreciation for plant based meals.   Hopefully you have had a chance to read my first few blog posts and recipes as well as the rest of my site outlining the services Plantiful Plates offers.

Let me introduce myself and my plantiful perspective officially.

Who is Plantiful Plates For?

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Quick & Simple Ideas for Cinco de Mayo

Getting inspiration from international celebrations are a great way to explore new flavours and foods, especially when you are looking to change up how you eat.  Many of my favourite plant based dishes are inspired by Mexican cuisine.  Using these five plant based ingredients as the base, you can make any one of the simple recipes below to add a little fiesta to your Cinco de Mayo or any other day of the year–no kits or seasoning packages needed.

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Plantiful for the Planet: Earth Day April 22

Earth DayApril 22nd is the internationally proclaimed Earth Day. Not that we shouldn’t celebrate and do everything we can to lessen our environmental impact on the Earth every day, but a dedicated day can inspire us to give pause, reflect and take stock of our choices and their impact on the earth.

We have all become increasingly aware of the impact humans are having on climate change, and the need to, reduce, reuse, recycle, drive more fuel efficient vehicles, reduce our energy consumption but do you consider what impact our food choices are having on the planet? Continue reading “Plantiful for the Planet: Earth Day April 22”