Preparing Tofu: Video Demonstration

Earlier today I posted a recipe that includes tofu.  Realizing I haven’t blogged about tofu yet and some of you may have questions about what I’m referring to in the recipe, I whipped up this quick video of me preparing tofu for dinner.  I apologize up front for all the umming and general lack of production value, I honestly just hit record and rambled, but I do cover the basics. Hope you find it helpful.

PrepARING Tofu


Pressing your tofu will remove the excess water and allow for the marinade to absorb in better. I also think it enhances the texture. Another really great way to up the marinating effectiveness and texture is to freeze the block of tofu. You can then thaw it out and press it.
To press it, remove the tofu from the packaging, wrap it in paper towel or a tea towel, then add some weight on top of it and let it do it’s work for at lease 30 minutes. When I am not using my tofu express, I place the wrapped tofu under a cutting board and add 2 or 3 cans of beans or tomatoes to weigh it down.


Cube tofu into bite sized pieces by halving the tofu across the middle, then slicing each half to make four thin rectangles, cut each rectangle into four sticks then cut each stick into three.

Cubing Tofu

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