Cherry Avocado Soft Serve

There really are a lot of dairy free ice cream alternatives out there, and some of them are really quite good…but they aren’t ice-cream.  I have also made ice cream a number of different ways, in an ice cream maker, in a blender, in a food processor and the beloved Yonanas.  Of these, ways, I am not a big fan of the ice cream maker, it is a lot of work for not that different of a result.  The Yonanas is great, because you send your banana through and instantly you have ice cream, but it is very banana-y, even when you add in other flavourings and frozen fruit.  My absolute favourite way is to use the food processor, you can use frozen bananas for the bae, which provides a great balance between frosty and creamy, but can add in other liquids (like milk or vanilla) and other frozen fruits.



This recipe has four ingredients (or five if you opt to sweeten it) and takes about 10 minutes to
make.  You can serve it right away as soft serve or put it in the freezer to firm it up.


When you put it in the freezer though, it gets hard, so leave it out on the counter for a good 10 minutes, depending on the size of your container, before scooping.

You can top this one with shaved dark chocolate and coconut flakes to fancy it up…if it makes it out of the food processor and into a bowl!


Cherry Avocado Soft Serve
Four ingredients, 10 minutes and you have smooth, creamy, delicious dairy-free ice cream. Best of all it is loaded with plantiful goodness of real whole foods like cherries, banana and avocado!
Servings4-6 people
  1. In the order listed, avocado, banana, sweet cherries, add the ingredients one at a time. Ensure that everything is smooth before adding the next ingredient in.
  2. With the blade running pour the coconut milk in. If you are using maple syrup add it in after the coconut milk is well incorporated.
  3. Serve in a bowl right away as soft serve, or put in freezer for about 30 minutes to firm up so you can scoop.

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