Meal PlanMeal Plans:

Select from one of our Plantiful Plates Meal plans, or a customized meal plan, which provides a weekly (5-day) breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snack a-day plan, recipes and corresponding grocery list.

Cooking lessonsCooking Lessons:

Plantiful Plates will come to your kitchen, or host you in Michelle’s home kitchen to provide you hands on cooking experience, tips and resources on how to create Plantiful meals in your own home.

Plantiful Transition Counselling:


Effective and long lasting behavioural and food choice changes can be overwhelming.  There is lots of information available, but few resources that can show you how to make the changes you may need to make in your own environment (grocery store choices, at restaurants, at social gatherings and your own kitchen).

Plantiful Plates will be offering three levels of one-on-one counselling that can help you navigate these new and exciting changes.  All services will include a 15 minute Skype or in person meeting to discuss where your starting point is, what your ease and comfort is and any questions or concerns you may have.  They also include the Plantiful Plates: Getting Started E-Book with tips, resources and strategies for making whole food plant based choices.  Thirdly, all transition services include a 2 hour individual plant based culinary basics cooking lesson in your own home.

  • The first level–Sprouting Interest, may be ideal if you are looking to add a few plant based meals to your week.
  • The second level–Blooming Interest is great for people that are eating plant based and want to take it to a whole foods level, or who are supporting family members that are making the shift to a plant based diet.
  • The third level–Plant Based Kick-Start is great for those who ready to make the transition and want to do it in the healthiest way possible, who want to hone their kitchen skills and set up their kitchens for long lasting success.