Plantiful Transitions

Plantiful Transitions

  • Are you interested in committing to a plant-based diet or incorporating more plant based meals in your life?
  • Do you have family member that is vegetarian and you don’t know what to cook for them?
  • Do you have a child that refuses to eat meat and you want some help with some kid-friendly, healthy plant-based meals?
  • Do you have a teenager that would benefit from healthy, plant-based diet tips and cooking lessons?
  • Are you a vegetarian who would like to make more plantiful choices?

Plantiful Plates offers a series of Plantiful Transitions programs to help you or those in your life make healthful, whole food plant based choices.

Each program component can be attended by 2 people.


Sprouting Interest

Blooming Interest

Plantiful Kick-Start

Free 15-minute initial consultation

Plantiful Fundamentals Handout  E-book containing information, resources and recipes

Plantiful Fundamentals Culinary Coaching (2 hours)

Grocery Store Tour (1 hour)  

2-Week Plantiful Meal Plan  

Kitchen Cleanse  (1 hour)    

30 minute follow-up call/Skype    




Contact me with any questions or interest in any of these services.